Santa Barbara Triathlon’s Why

Anyone can put on the kind of event where you show up, participate and go home, and then never really give it another thought. At the Santa Barbara Triathlon, we believe in creating meaningful experiences. From the group of friends who lost a collective 200 pounds training for our event to the half million dollars we’ve raised and donated to local charities over the years, the Santa Barbara Triathlon is proud to say we’ve been transforming lives for more than three decades. Our participants and volunteers come back year after year to make memories, to challenge their bodies and their brains, to meet like-minded people, and most of all, to be part of an event that’s become synonymous with community and philanthropy.

We like to say we’re “not just another pretty race,” and here’s what we mean by that: We believe in hiring the best people, creating the safest course, and never, ever resting on our laurels. We don’t cut corners to save a buck. We ask for feedback after every event—and then we act on it. When our competitors ask “how can we make more,” we ask “how can we do more, offer more, be more?”

Apparently, our approach is working. Christopher Wright of Los Angeles Sports and Fitness Magazine calls our event idiosyncratic, unique, flawlessly organized, and beautifully situated, adding this: “Flawless organization should be a condition of entry into the business of race management.  Alas, it is not—but promoters wanting to enter this crowded arena should visit Santa Barbara to see how it’s done, when built up with love and a local flavor.  It may all seem low-key and laid back, but the machine is well-oiled and superbly maintained. Things. Just. Work.”

That’s why.