Hazard’s Cyclesport

On Friday August 21st they’ll be on site at the Sports Expo conducting bike checks. Bike checks will not be available on Saturday or Sunday.

Please note that the bike check is provided as a courtesy by Hazard’s Cyclesport and that it is not a substitute for necessary maintenance that may be required to prepare your bike for safety. Please be responsible and get your bike tuned-up prior to participating in any event. Do not expect to get the Hazard’s crew to perform fixes or necessary maintenance at the bike check. Officials expect you to have a properly maintained bike and to be aware of the dangers of not checking your bike frequently. PLEASE NOTE: As you enter the transition area we will be checking for handlebar end plugs (those plastic plugs that fit into the ends of your handlebars). If you are missing one you will not be allowed into the transition area. Our on-site bike techs will have some spares for you but please don’t wait until that day to take care of it.

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