The Barbara Warren Community Spirit Award plaque is hung on the wall in the Cabrillo Bath House, next to East Beach Grill. Each year the athlete who raises the most money for our annual beneficiary will have their name engraved on a plate and added to the plaque.

Posted July 2009
Beginning in 2009 we will be presenting the “Barbara Warren Community Spirit Award.”
This award is presented each year to the individual who raises the most money for the triathlon’s annual beneficiary. We honor the memory of Barbara Warren, a world class athlete and generous spirit who this world will never forget and can never replace.

Posted January, 2009
On Sunday October 5th, 2008 I had the honor of attending a standing-room-only memorial service for Barbara Warren in San Diego, CA. I had known that Barbara was an outstanding athlete, but as I sat listening to her loved ones speak about her, it became clear that Barbara also was an amazing mother, friend, confidant, counselor and soul.  One speaker referred to her as a “magic mirror,” explaining that she reflected back to everyone she met the best that was in them.  May each of us be inspired by her legacy, and strive to live as Barbara did.

~Joe Coito

Following is a list of the award winners to date:

  • 2018: N/A Event cancelled (mudslides/road closures)
  • 2017: Whitney Bruce
  • 2016: Anne Salgado
  • 2015: Jennifer Burnett
  • 2014: Randall Emmett
  • 2013: Randall Emmett
  • 2012: Jacob Mansbach
  • 2011: Jennifer Lafferty
  • 2010: Dawn O’Donnell
  • 2009: Jan Hill and Marge Cafarelli