What is the Just For Fun Division?

This division is designed to provide participants the ability to participate in the event side-by-side with family or friends. All participants in this division will go out in one wave. Women, men, young and not-so-young will be a part of this wave.

We limit the entries in this division, so sign up early to participate.

For more details visit our Division page.

Will you be posting the age group start times by wave on the web site?

Wave start times are subject to change but we do plan on posting them on our website several days before the event. We typically start the fastest groups first so that the course is safer. Wave starts are posted Friday at Packet pick-up as well as throughout the weekend.

Can I pick up my friend's athlete packet?

No. Athletes must personally pick up their packet for the event. For packet pick up times, please go to our website and click on “Packet Pick Up” in the “General Info” pull down menu.

How many total participants in the Long Course?

We are taking about 900 in the Long Course.

When is the last day you can transfer your slot?

Check the Transfers Page (under General Info drop down menu) for the current year’s date.

Can I accompany my friend or family member into the transition area and help them during transitions?

No. Only athletes are allowed in the transition area. USAT rules state that no person shall accept assistance from anyone else (including other participating athletes). (See USAT rules). This rule is not applicable to Parent-Child division as it is designed to create a comfortable, non-competitive environment for the children in that division – assistance from the child’s teammate(s) is allowed.

Are Bike Checks required?

No. However, on the Friday before the event Hazard’s Cyclesport will be out at the Sports Expo conducting courtesy bike checks. Bike checks will not be available on the morning of the event. Please note that the bike check is provided as a courtesy by Hazard’s Cyclesport and that it is not a substitute for necessary maintenance that may be required to prepare your bike for safety. PLEASE NOTE: As you enter the transition area we will be checking for handlebar end plugs (those plastic plugs that fit into the ends of your handlebars). If you are missing one you will not be allowed into the transition area. Our on-site bike techs will have some spares for you but please don’t wait until that day to take care of it.

Can I defer my entry until next year?

NO, however you may transfer your entry to another individual if you complete the transaction prior to the transfer deadline. Check our website’s Transfers Page (under the General Info drop down menu) for details.

If I participate in the Parent Child Division, am I and/or my child eligible for a Finisher Medal?

All parents and children who enter this division receive a Finisher Medal for their participation. There are not awards in the Parent-Child division.

Can I register on event weekend?

We anticipate there will be limited entries available the Friday prior to event weekend (Friday’s Expo hours are 11:30 am – 6 pm). However, we may not allow race-day entries. Call or email our office if you need more information.

What do I need to bring to packet pick-up?

You will need to bring (1) current Photo ID (2) USAT membership card (if you did not purchase a one-day license during the registration process). No exceptions! (3) Military ID if you took a Military discount when registering.

Where does body marking happen?

The “Body Marking” stations are located inside the Transition Area where an event volunteer will use a permanent marker to write your number in the required locations. Please wait to apply sunscreen to your body until after you have been marked. Be sure to bring your event number with you to get body marked so that volunteers mark you with the correct number.

Where do I park?

There is no parking at the event site so please check the “Parking” page of our website under the “General Info” pull down menu for your best options.

Will there be food at the event site?

Complimentary lunch is offered for participants only in the Food Tent located in the Expo area on the sand straight out from the Cabrillo Pavilion.

Can wetsuits be worn?

Yes, wetsuits are allowed. Please follow this link to the USAT list of approved wetsuits. The average ocean temperature in Santa Barbara in late August is 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can wetsuit booties be worn?

Booties can be worn as long as they do not provide any artificial propulsion (no webbing or fins).

Can swim gloves be worn?


What are the rules of the course?

The Santa Barbara Triathlon is a USAT sanctioned course and therefore operates under official USAT rules. Please follow this link to review the latest USAT rules.

Do you give finisher medals?

Yes. Beginning in 2013 every finisher will receive a finisher medal.

Is there a minimum age for participating?

No, there is no minimum age for participating. However, each participant must have the capability to navigate the course themselves. We emphasize the need for your kids to have a high comfort level in open water swimming so that they have a positive experience. All kids 17 and under must have a parent/guardian sign off on their USAT waiver AND a Medical Consent Form. We offer several options for kids to participate with a parent – the “Just for Fun” category in the Long and Sprint courses and the Parent-Child division of the Sprint Course. For more information on these options, go to the “Divisions” page of our website under the “General Info” pull down menu.

Can I switch events or divisions after I've registered?

Yes, as long as the event or division has not sold out and the change is completed 14 days prior to the event. See our Transfer & Refund policy if you wish to transfer or cancel your registration.

Is the Parent-Child Sprint course the same as the other Sprint Courses?

Yes, the route is exactly the same for all our sprint event options. To view the course, view our “Maps” under the “General Info” pull down menu. There are three categories that use this course — Coed Sprint, Women Only, and Parent-Child.

When do you close Registration?

If we haven’t sold out (which we often do), we close online Registration the Monday before the event in order to prepare athlete packets.

Why does your confirmation list show my age as one year older than I actually am?

The USA Triathlon classifies your “event age” as your age as of December 31st of the current year. This is the age we use to place you in the appropriate age group – if necessary.

When do you sell out?

Although this is the most commonly asked question, we have yet to figure out how to predict a sell out date…..