Dear Athletes and Community Supporters,


I am overwhelmed with joy to write, “Registration is OPEN”!


13 months ago it was impossible to predict the impact the Covid-19 virus would have on the world as a whole, on our local communities, and on our lifestyles.  We’ve all found ourselves redefining “normal” as we’ve navigated uncertain paths.  My hope is you and yours have stayed healthy and have been able to find a way to keep fit, even if it meant endless hours in your garages on bike trainers and treadmills!  I’m also hoping the challenges of the last year have left you with renewed desire to get back to a start line, and for those of you choosing Santa Barbara as that start line, I thank you and welcome you!


Before you complete your registration, I encourage you all to view the video posted on March 30, 2021, located under the “News” tab to learn more about registration and entry fees.  Here is a quick summary of the 2 key decisions we’ve made this year:


  1. Registration fees for all categories will be fixed; there will be no price increase as the race draws near.  This is intended to help you manage risk if you choose to wait to sign up for the race and not penalize you for that decision with higher costs.
  2. If the city, county or other government agency cancels the 2021 edition of the Santa Barbara Triathlon PRIOR TO JUNE 30, 2021, I will override the “no refund” policy and will refund your entry fees.  To be clear, refunds will only be issued if I am instructed by a government agency that the race cannot go forward due to Covid – 19 and this notification comes prior to June 30, 2021.


Santa Barbara is a special place and this triathlon is simply iconic.  We’ve all missed racing live and seeing each other and I know we all want to get back out there.  Keep an eye on our website, and our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates from the city or county regarding any possible race day changes and restrictions.  Until August, stay healthy, keep training, and I cannot wait to see you back at the beach!

With gratitude,


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